Acupuncture Testimonials

I was a true sceptic and had never tried alternative medicine until my OB recommended it for my carpel tunnel when I was pregnant. Martine was amazing. Her very calming nature put me at ease. The proof is in the results. After 3 sessions my carpel tunnel was 90% better and was 100% gone after I had my baby. Also, on the day I was to be induced, I went to see Martine and after her session I went to the hospital. The drugs to induce me worked after 1 hours (most people wait 6-12 hours) because I was "opened up" from Martine's acupuncture session. My hippy scepticism is gone. Martine Nates will be the 1st person I contact for any further health issues. I wish her nothing but the best for the future.
I wanted to try acupuncture for my anxiety and IBS. I was pleased when I looked online at Martine's profile that she had 20 years’ experience. She also came highly recommended to me through a health referral network. As it was my first time, I felt naturally nervous, but Martine's kind and gentle nature made me feel totally at ease. I instantly felt comfortable making it easy to open up to and share the symptoms / problems I faced. Which is essential for the right healing to take place. The session itself was so relaxing, I could feel energy being released and flowing throughout my body. After I felt calm, grounded and the tension around my stomach was gone. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Martine to those considering acupuncture, as well as to my divorce coaching clients suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.
Nicola B
Martine has been a good friend since I arrived in Dubai. When I hurt my back, I immediately knew I should go to her. She responded to my call and injury immediately and with her calm, gentle, soothing manner, and excellent treatment she helped me. Martine was very sensitive to how I was feeling and used the needles effectively in a way that produced amazing results within minutes. I walked in shrouded in pain and very worried, and I walked out feeling relieved of my pain and very peaceful. I highly, highly recommend Martine! She has a phenomenal healing touch and delivers excellent results. I trust her and will definitely go back to her.
Ellie K
Martine was wonderful in helping my teenager daughter recover from Bells Palsy. She is a true professional, committed to her patients and very thorough and thoughtful. I would definitely recommend Martine to my friends. Thank you so much Martine:-)
Nikki S
I had been suffering from high blood pressure, hypertension and general anxiety for about 6 months. I was taking medication but it wasn't working for me. A friend suggested I contact Martine and try acupuncture as a course of treatment. I have had up to 10 sessions with her and my condition has greatly improved. She has also advised on other therapies to consider. She has been very professional, friendly and caring in her approach and I would recommend Martine to anyone suffering from the same condition.
Barry D
I strongly recommend Dr Nates, who gave me a great relief from my severe backache. I thought I would be bed ridden as I was unable to sit, stand or walk continuously for even 10 mins. I didn't have any belief in this treatment before meeting her but her encouraging words, kind attitude and treatment worked out so well that I became completely alright. Now I strongly recommend this treatment and Dr Nates, who is a real boon to those who suffer from pain.
I've known Martine for many years as we used to work together as fellow practitioners. Martine was my saving grace during my first trimester of pregnancy. I was suffering badly from morning sickness and vomiting at random times during the day and her "Magic 8" technique as she called it definitely helped calm the vomiting down. In addition to the latter, she did give me relief in terms of energy levels and general anxiety from the unknown as this is my first pregnancy. I also experienced cramping between weeks 6 and 10 and the acupuncture sessions seemed to calm the cramping down caused by my expanding uterus. I have continued acupuncture throughout the pregnancy to keep everything balanced. I started experiencing pain in my pubic bone area as I entered the third trimester and again Martine has worked wonders yet again. The pubic bone pain simply disappears for a few days after her treatment. I highly recommend Martine, she is gentle with her approach and I don't even feel a thing. She knows exactly where to place the needles and every time is different. She is also very knowledgable in terms of nutrition for pregnancy based on the TCM approach. It is my intention to have acupuncture during labour too in order to ease the process. Each time I walk out of her treatment room floating on clouds, thank you Martine!
Kay B
Martine is simply fantastic. Her professional approach, understanding and care for you as a patient far surpasses anyone else I have come across within the profession here in Dubai. A gem! Thank you!
Emma Q