Antenatal Care

Martine is post graduate trained for safe treatment in pregnancy and follows the highest standards to provide expert maternity care – for antenatal acupuncture,  birth preparation,  turning breech babies and for acupuncture induction.    She works closely with many obstetricians and doctors in Dubai and is passionate about providing services to women throughout all stages of their pregnancy. 

Having acupuncture during pregnancy not only helps you to feel better, it also helps to bring good energy to your baby.  I am here to do all that I can to support you to have a nourishing pregnancy.

Many women expect the usual symptoms of early pregnancy like nausea and tiredness – and you might even welcome this as a sure sign that you are indeed pregnant. 

Acupuncture in the first trimester can be a helpful way to support your body through this often difficult and vulnerable phase of pregnancy.  Dynamic changes  will affect your endocrine (hormonal) function making it work overtime.   Blood vessels are changing, creating new pathways and there is a strain on all your systems as your body does the huge job of building a placenta. It’s no wonder that you will be feeling a bit tired!  Many women find that having acupuncture during this early phase of pregnancy is reassuring and helpful, calming the mind and enabling you to cope better with how pregnancy is affecting you both physically and emotionally.

Towards the end stages of pregnancy as the ligaments start to soften to prepare for labour and the weight increases,  your body can  start to feel increasingly uncomfortable.  Acupuncture can be remarkably effective at easing the symptoms associated with this last trimester. 

Acupuncture for birth preparation from 37 weeks to full term is a wonderful way to help prepare for labour. These treatments can really help to boost the energy you need for an efficient labour and a strong recovery. Clinical studies have shown that women who have acupuncture once a week in the month leading up to their due date are more likely to go into labour close to this time, to have shorter and easier labours meaning less medical interventions and emergency caesareans. This is because treatments help to prepare the cervix, relax muscles and tendons, help get the baby in to an optimal position.   (Betts and Lennox  2004, New Zealand)

Acupuncture for the Discomforts of Pregnancy

Nausea and/or vomiting Clinical trials have shown that Acupuncture twice a week will in most cases help to manage these symptoms.

Sinusitis is a common occurrence in pregnancy and responds well to acupuncture treatment.

Headaches:  Acupuncture can help to both alleviate and prevent reoccurrence.

Constipation can be caused by Progesterone or Iron supplements.  Enough dietary fibre, adequate fluid intake, exercise and acupuncture can all help to resolve this.

Heartburn Is particularly prevalent during the third trimester, disturbing sleep because of extreme discomfort.  Acupuncture and a careful diet can effectively lessen this symptom.

Fatigue or Anaemia: many women notice that acupuncture helps them cope with the fatigue of early pregnancy. Later on, if tiredness persists then acupuncture and moxa combined with dietary measures or iron supplements will improve energy levels.

Inappropriate weight gain: Too much weight gain in pregnancy can lead to overweight babies at birth, predisposing them to the risk of suffering from diabetes and weight problems as they grow up. Diet, exercise and acupuncture will improve metabolism and help weight management.

Depression: Acupuncture has been seen to be an effective alternative to antidepressant medication in pregnant women in clinic trials.

Stress and anxiety: Stress during pregnancy can boost your odds of pre-term labour as well as low birth weight and may impact on the baby’s immune system. Acupuncture reduces levels of stress hormones and promotes a sense of relaxation and wellbeing.

Fluid Retention

Pain:  Mothers often feel pain at some stage during the pregnancy but want to avoid resorting to pain-killers.  Acupuncture can be very effective in treating many of the conditions that occur in relation to pregnancy including: Backache, Sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, leg cramps, rib or pubic bone

Skin rashes and itching can occur in the final trimester causing distress and lack of sleep. Acupuncture is an effective alternative to steroids and antihistamines.

Preparing for labour

Correcting breech and posterior baby positions

This treatment, using acupuncture and moxibustion, is ideally commenced at week 34 and research has demonstrated a 75 – 80% success rate.

Start of labour For those women who have premature rupture of membranes or who are scheduled for a medical induction, acupuncture can be used to soften and relax muscles and tendons and encourage the start of labour.