MBSR Testimonials

“A life-changing course, delivered with uppermost compassion and kindness!”

“This course has helped me to open my eyes and accept me in a non-judging way.”

“MBSR has taught me to accept my difficulties and to relate to them from a wider perspective. It has empowered me to enjoy life more, by being connected and fully present”.

“Mindfulness helps me to take a step back in my life, not reacting, more communicating, expressing my feelings and facing my fears”.

“This course was relevant to every part of my life from work, to family, to how to approach yourself.”

“I would recommend this course to others because its a nice and structured way to get better insight into how we approach life and it teaches you helpful skills.”

“Martine was fantastic, just lovely. Huge respect for her and how she helped us all.”

“A life changer which I hope to maintain”

” I have really enjoyed attending the course and have learnt alot about myself and how i can reduce my stress as well as looking after myself better”

“Thanks so much Martine for your time and patience. The course has been an eye-opener for me. I am learning to accept that everyone’s journey is beautiful and deserves time and care to oneself.”